Summary of the life and works of Harry Brooker.

Harry Brooker was born in August 1848 near Regents Park in London and lived till September 1940 when he suffered a stroke during an air raid. He married Edmee Isabel Short (featured on one of his paintings known as the Treasured Volume) and they had 6 children. His wife Edmee died in 1920 which may explain the end of period of his painting (although he was 72 years old by that time!). He has a number of descendants that are still alive today in England, Australia and America.

Harry Brooker was a 'genre painter', meaning that he portrayed domestic scenes, often of children at play. Between 1875 and 1920 he painted in excess of 120 paintings including portraits and still life. Many of these paintings still exist in both private collections and a few can be seen in galleries open to the public.

He exhibited at the Royal Academy and other London and provincial exhibitions. Since 1970, over 100 of these paintings have come up for auction typically fetching prices between £1000 and £30000.

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