Facts about the painting

Size 25" x 30"
Format Oil on Canvas
Signature Lower Right
Frame Not known

History of the painting

Date Auctioneer Lot Offer Price Sale Price
12 Apr 1985 Sotheby's London 175 £5,000 - £7,000 £10,000
16 Dec 1987 Sotheby's London 150 £12,000 - £16,000 £12,500

Other observations

This painting is believed to be a painting of Harry's wife Edmee. It was painted two years after they were married and around the time that their first child, a son, was born.

The painting is the same size as a few others painted around this time.

The box on the floor also features in the painting called "The Interruption" painted a year earlier.

The term "Treasured Volume" presumably refers to the book Edmee is reading and not to those strewn around the floor!

Harry Brooker signed this painting H Brooker, a style that only applies to his earliest paintings. Later he consistently used his full Christian name "Harry".