Facts about the painting

Size 28" x 36"
Format Oil on Canvas
Signature Yes
Frame Not known

History of the painting

Date Auctioneer Lot Offer Price Sale Price
26 Nov 2002 Christie's London 98 £15,000 - £20,000 £12,000

Other observations

Although having Tea (real or imaginary) was a frequent them of Harry's paintings, this is the only out of doors Tea Party he painted. It appears to be in the back garden and the bird coop on the all seems very similar to the one in "The Crucial Moment 1895" painted in the same year, except for the lack of a door to keep the birds in.

The participants are open to more speculation. Is it for example Elsie (still under 2) and Edmee (Harry's wife) behind the table? Possibly, or might it be Ruth and Elsie?. Whether it is Ruth or Edmee, or another adult, then who is the other girl, she seems much younger than the Ruth we have seen in recent paintings and the same could be said for the two boys. They might be Edwin and Charles but it is not obvious.