Facts about the painting

Size 28 " x 36 "
Format Oil on Canvas
Signature Lower Right (on carpet)
Frame Highly Ornate Gilt Frame

History of the painting

This painting was found (by its current owners) in a house in Baltimore in the 1970's.

Other observations

Four of the children featured here were seen in "Kitty's Tea Party 1892" and a different four in "The Young Dressmakers 1893". Ruth now aged 12 with a purple and green outfit is again the centre of attention with here older friend (in red) from earlier paintings holding the scrap book ready for Ruth to glue some scraps in. Of the two younger children watching, the one standing next to Ruth was feeding the cat in "Kitty's Tea Party 1892" and the girl seated was also seated in "The Young Dressmakers 1893".

It is probably Edwin looking into the room from the door.

The Large Jug standing on the floor must rate as "Harry's" favourite household ornament from the number of scenes he painted with it appearing somewhere.

The Doll leaning against the table leg has been seen in a number of paintings and will be seen again (perhaps for the last time?) in the "The Archers 1894"