Facts about the painting

Size 28 " x 36 " ?? Format Oil on Canvas
Signature Possibly (on the flagstones) Frame Not known

History of the painting

Date Auctioneer Lot Offer Price Sale Price
29-May-1981 Christie's New York 251 Not Known $6,000
16-Dec-1987 Sotheby's New York 251 Not Known $7,000
3-May-2000 Not Known   Not Known Not Known

Other observations

After "The Young Dressmakers 1893" with 5 girls, now was time for a record of the Boys activities. This painting features 5 boys in what was probably a topical play theme. Harry's cousin "Charles Hunt" also painted a similar painting which was about a court-martial.

It is not clear who the boys are but a possibility is Edgar behind the desk, conducting the affair, Oswald seated (with a sword) and Edwin under interrogation. The other two boy are probably visitors and do not resemble Charles.

This painting is of a scene in a room that was also used "A Visit to the Sweet Shop 1897" and "Her First Steps 1901"

The large jug near the foot of the stairs features in many of Harry's paintings.