Facts about the painting

Size 28" x 36"
Format Oil on Canvas
Signature Lower Right
Frame Not known

History of the painting

Date Auctioneer Lot Offer Price Sale Price
29 Oct 1992 Sotheby's New York 167 Not known $16,000

The painting was auctioned on the same date as "Afternoon Games 1894". It is possible that these were originally sold as a pair and stayed together until 1992.

Other observations

Hot on the heels of a painting "The Scrap Book 1894" which featured four girls with a boy looking on, we now have a painting featuring four boys with a girl looking on. However Ruth now aged 12 is a touch more concerned than simply looking on, with regard to the fate of her doll. The doll has been a feature in quite a few of Harry's recent paintings.

My guess is that it is Edgar now aged 15 ready to loose an arrow from his bow at Ruth's doll, with Oswald now aged 14 leaning on the table and Edwin and Charles on the floor, Charles nearer to Ruth.

The red table cloth also appears in "Homework 1875", "Blind Man's Buff 1898", "Firing the Salute 1900" and "The Youn Aviators 1918". The straw boater and the large jug have also featured in many of Harry's paintings.