Facts about the painting

Size 28" x 36"
Format Oil on Canvas
Signature Yes
Frame Not known

History of the painting

Date Auctioneer Lot Offer Price Sale Price
9 Mar 1976 Sotheby's London 72 Not known £1,400

Other observations

"Teatime" is a frequent name applied to at least six of Harry Brooker's paintings.

This painting was used in a 1979 Calendar published by Medici (for the month of October).

The high chair features in a number of Harry Brooker's paintings, it was previously seen in Playing at Horse and Cart (1885) and is seen in the following paintings Helping Mama (1889), the Great Performance (1890) and Oranges and Lemons (1890).

The poor quality image is from a photocopy held at the Witt Library which make sit hard to identify the children, however it probably features at least one of the two older boys, plus Edwin, Ruth and Charles. Alternatively both of the two older boys without Edwin.

The black and white image means that we cannot tell whether the milk jug on the floor is a "Cornish Blue" design or not. It would be interesting to see a colour image or better still the original painting.