Henry BROOKER was born 1.9.1822. His parents were John BROOKER and Susanna Hunt and when Henry was born the family was living in Charles Place, Kensington

Henry BROOKER married Emma HUNT on 18.10.1846 at St Margaret Westminster. Henry gives his address as Kensington Place (no number) and Emma as 29 Albert Terrace. There is an Albert Terrace in Queen St where her parents were living but the numbers did not extend to 29. This may have been confused with the address of their first home, 29 Frederick St (Regent's Park). Their offspring were

Alice 13.8.1847 29 Frederick St 26.1.1937 Great Horwood
Harry 5.8.1848 do. 13.9.1940 East Sheen, buried N.Sheen 692 Sec Bc
Arthur 1.7.1853 Munster Square 6.4.1925 Tooting Bec hospital
Ernest 8.11.1854 Charles Place 11.1857 Charles Place
Edith 0.5.1857 do. 10.5.1910 Great Horwood

Census returns
1851 shows the family at 26 Munster Square.
1861 the family have returned to 4 Charles Place, a few doors away from 16 Charles St where Henry's sister Caroline is living.
1871 the family is still at Charles Place.
1881 shows the family at 16 Providence Terrace: Henry, Emma, Arthur (a model maker), Edith and a visitor, Emma's niece Virginia Hunt (20,barmaid), Henry Hunt's daughter. Harry is now married and Alice is not at home?
1891 the residual family is still at Providence Terrace: Henry, Emma, Alice and Edith. Alice and Edith are both dressmakers. Arthur is now married.

One assumes Henry kept in touch with his sister Caroline: Henry had bought the grave at Brompton cemetery in which his mother and young Malcolm were buried, and in which he and Emma would eventually be buried. We assume too they kept in touch with Emma's parents who in 1861 were living at Sands End in Fulham.
Henry died in 1892 aged 70 (informant Alice). he was buried in Brompton cemetery along with his mother and young Malcolm MacPherson. Emma died in 1894 (informant Edith). They can't have been far away from Richard & Elizabeth Hunt.
P.O trade directories from 1856-62 (and possibly later) list Henry Brooker as a cooper located at 4 Charles Place. Sometime in the 70's he moved: the 1876,78 directories give 1a Child's Place (from which Harry Brooker submitted one of his paintings); those for 1878,79,83,87,88 give Church Walk (& later 16 Providence Terrace). Child's Place is close to the Short's home in Earls Court Rd. (Harry married Edmee Short in Jan 1877.) Court Directories (1883,1887) also show him living at 16 Providence Terrace.
It appears from the electoral roll that Henry Hunt was living at 12 Providence Terrace in 1884/5. This is consistent with Virginia Hunt 'visiting' her aunt.