Charles HUNT & Ann Sarah KILBEE were married on 19.5.1857 at St.Gabriels, Pimlico. The witnesses were John Cook and Lizzy Hudson. Ann was the daughter of William Kilbee, a cooper of 21 Manor Street (one block east of Queen St). (The PO directory of 1851 lists him as a beer retailer.) The marriage certificate gives their address as 6 Warwick Place (near St.Gabriels) but subsequently they lived at the following addresses.

1857-60 Sands End Cottage, Fulham
1860-62 17 Pomona Place, Kings Rd, Fulham
1862-66 Cuba House, North End Road, Fulham
1866-68 Hope Terrace, Fulham
1868-77 60, Barclay Road, Fulham
1877-78 55, Barclay Road, Fulham
1878-1900 6 Granville Road, Wandsworth

They had 8 children, born and died as follows
Reuben 6.8.1857 Sands End Cottage 12.3.1938 St Stephens Hospital, Chelsea
Walter 16.11.1860 17 Pomona Place 30.1.1941 Granville Rd
Gertrude 16.1.1862 do. > 1938 but not traced
Claud 16.3.1863 Cuba House, North End 31.7.1949 39a Anstey Rd, Alton Hampshire
Hubert 30.5.1866 do. < 1881? Not in 1881 census.
Florence 28.6.1868 Hope Terrace 19.5.1953 Hillside Nursing Home, Faversham
Charley 23.2.1871 Barclay Rd < 1881? Not in 1881 census.
Edgar 10.3.1876 do. 29.5.1955 Southsea.

of whom Reuben, Walter, Claud and Edgar also became artists. Edgar is as least as well known as his father and, from enquiries we have received, continues to be of interest to collectors. Walter at least continued to live at Granville Road until 1941. This was also Reuben's address in his will (1931) and at his death (1938).
Charles Hunt is variously described in Census returns and trade directories as an artists' subject painter, figure painter, landscape artist, artist with pupils. For a time (1871-?) he uses the name Charles Parkes Hunt, which may be a response to the death of a grandparent or art patron. Charles died intestate in 1900 aged 70. Anne survived until c.1907.

The Children of Charles HUNT

We assume Hubert and Charley died in infancy because there is no record of them in the 1881 census. It would appear (from their wills) that Walter and Reuben never married.They both appeared to live at Granville Rd: it was the address in their wills. From Claude's will we learn that he was married, and his wife, Louisa, survived him (she was executor). It would appear that he ended his days running a tobacconist's shop. The will does not refer to any children. He lived for sometime in Alresford, Hants, but see below. We have not found his marriage to Louise.
Gertrude married a builder, Benjamin Gough Cook (from Lambeth) in 1884. Gertrude's daughter Florence was the subject of a painting ("Divided Affection") by Walter dated 1896. This painting was auctioned in 1978 by the Florence's daughter, Moira Mattocks, nee Adamson of Kidderminster.
Moira was born in 1922 and her brother Aubrey (since emigrated) in 1918;
Charles Hunt's widow Anne survived until 1907/8;
Gertrude had several children of whom only four survived to adulthood and only two (Florence and Reginald) to old age. That after her husband's death she and her son Reginald went to live with Walter. Gertrude herself survived until 1948.
Claude first went to Hampshire to teach art to private students.
That Charles (her Great Grandfather) married Anne who was previously engaged to his brother 'James' who was killed in a riding accident. We assume this must have been Reuben who may have been known as James. This would explain why their eldest son was called Reuben and why he was born so soon after their marriage. However we haven't been able to trace Reuben's death c1856/7 although we found a James Hunt who died in Alcester in the
Spring of 1857, the birthplace of William Finden (could he have been visiting Isabel's husband's family); and also a James Hunt who died in Marylebone 1856(4) (refno unreadable).
Moira and her cousin Dorothy Eleanor Cox visited Walter's friend Mrs Appleby (7 Galesbury Rd, Wandsworth) and discovered several Hunt paintings (not just Walter's) in the household. Both Mrs Appleby and her son Douglas (Walter's godson) were principal beneficiaries under Walter's will (her son Gerald was a minor beneficiary).
And finally much of the detail in the following paragraph. Florence married a stockbroker, Arthur James Kightly, in 1897. They lived in Kent, first at Shortlands and subsequently at Herne Bay. Arthur died only a few months before Florence. They had 3 children, Alice Florence, Dorothy Eleanor and Charles. Alice married twice, first to Victor Tatham by whom she had a son (John Henry James in 1925) and secondly to William Bullen (no issue). Dorothy married Aubrey Cox (no issue). Charles married Olive XXX in 1936 and had one daughter (Ann Elizabeth) in 1938. The Kightly's wills (made in 1947) refer to their 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren (their son Charles died in 1943). They also refer to Florence's niece Mrs Florence Adamson who is presumably Gertrude's daughter and Moira's mother.
Edgar married (15.9.1910) Mary Olive Theodora Wyatt (aged 23) at the Unitarian Chapel, High St, Portsmouth. Both were living at Waverley Rd, Southsea. Her father Frank Wyatt is described as 'of independent means'. Did Claude intoduce them?