Facts about the painting

Size 28¼" x 35½ "
Format Oil on Canvas
Signature Lower Right (Floorboards)
Frame Not known

History of the painting

Date Auctioneer Lot Offer Price Sale Price
25 Feb 1983 Christie's New York 205 Not known $6,500
25 Feb 2003 Christie's London 43 £35,000 £27,000

Between these two auctions it is believed that the painting was part of the Forbes Collection.

Other observations

A number of Harry Brooker's paintings feature playing cards. These include A Game of Cards 1904 and Playing Patience (date not known). This is probably the earliest of these.

It is likely that Edgar (now 10) is showing off his card balancing skills, closely watched by Oswald (now 9). The girl with her back to us is probably Ruth (aged 7) and the younger of the other two children is probably Charles. Notice how the younger boys wear skirts or dresses. The other child to the left of Edgar is clearly not Edwin as she has black hair. This is probably another visiting friend of Ruth's.

The painting on the wall is of a two rows of houses along each side of a rather steep road. It does not give the impression of being a London scene. Possibly this was one painted by Harry when he lived near Manchester earlier.

The green table cloth features in many of Harry's paintings. A recent count of these yielded eight different paintings with this table cloth. Most have a similar trim pattern around the edge, however the shade of green varies from painting to painting quite considerably.